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About Us

For over 15 years, Mastercat Team has been acknowledged as the leading trauma cleanup specialist for death and trauma cleanup.  Cleanup would involve a scene where there is bloodshed and body fluid secretion present.  This type of cleanup needs to be taken care of by trained and experienced professional who is certified.  Each of our technicians are trained, certified, bonded and insured to handle even the worst types of trauma.

We are a Chicago suburb based death and trauma cleanup company serving the entire Greater Chicago Metropolitan area.  We are ideally located, so we can easily respond to calls in a timely manner.  We know the importance of getting to a site as soon as possible, and because we personally answer the calls, we will get to a trauma site as soon as possible.

Let’s face it, death is not something anyone expects, but it is a fact of life that does occur especially unexpected deaths.  Aside from the psychological aspects of an unexpected death, there are certain logistics that most don’t take into consideration after a person is found dead.  An example is when a person died and after the investigation, the body is removed and taken to the hospital or other location.  Unfortunately, the EMTs, coroner, law enforcement or any other onsite personnel will not clean up the mess left behind.  Without proper skills, training, tools and mental preparedness, it is not advisable to clean the scene yourself.  There are risks you need to be aware of like the psychological repercussions and the risk of contracting a harmful disease such as AIDS, Hepatitis or other disease.

Let the professionals at Mastercat Team handle the cleanup especially where there is bloodshed or other bodily fluids present.

Why our Chicago Trauma – Murder, Suicide or Accident Cleanup Service?
  • Family Owned and Operated Over 15 years!
  • Cleanup Technicians Trained, Certified, Licensed, Bonded & Insured
  • Calls Answered Directly – NO Answering Service
  • Cleanup Service Compassionate & Discreet – Unmarked Vehicles Present
  • Available 24 Hours a Day – Any Day of the Year

Mastercat Team upholds the highest of standards and ethics!  We only strive for complete satisfaction!  While death and other trauma is devastating, we strive for excellence and will return the area of where the crime or trauma took place back to how it was prior to the incident.  For any questions or if you would like us to visit the scene where the trauma took place, just call us!  Once you call us, you will be glad you did!