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Gross Filth Cleanup

For over 17 years and throughout the Greater Chicagoland Area, Mastercat Team has been well-known as being experts with gross filth cleanup.  Unfortunately, when hoarders lose control, there may be a risk of sanitary and health risks from a buildup of garbage, bugs, rodents, dead animals, blood, feces, urine and vomit that just keeps building up.  We know the importance of having a compassionate and discreet crew of skilled cleaning technicians working fast while thoroughly cleaning gross filth in a home or business.  If you have a hoarder and need assistance with the gross filth cleanup, call the industry experts at Mastercat Team.

We are very sensitive to the hoarder and when we arrive, we are discreet with unmarked vehicles.  Our trucks are stocked have everything needed to thoroughly clean up gross filth throughout the Chicago area.  Mastercat Team is recognized as being the Chicago area’s most professional and compassionate gross filth cleanup company delivering top quality cleanup services families of hoarders can count on.

Hoarding is a compulsive behavior a person can have and gross filth occurs when the hoarding has gotten out of control.  With gross filth comes the risk to the occupants for being safe from health risks.   The result of hoarding is poor sanitation that may cause serious health issues especially if out of control and there is gross filth present.

Gross Filth Cleanup Services in Chicago:

Witnessing a loved one suffering from a hoarding behavior can be upsetting, especially when they refuse to give up even garbage and waste that they have collected over time.  You can call Mastercat Team any time, and we will be there to take care of the gross filth cleanup.

Types of Gross Filth:

  • Hazardous Waste
  • Mold and Mildew
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Bugs – Fleas, Fruit Flies or other Insects
  • Animals & Rodents
  • Blood, Feces, Urine & Vomit
  • Dead Animals
  • Odor Removal
  • Floor and Carpet Cleaning or Removal

Our top goal is to remove gross filth like hazard materials found in the home because of a hoarder keeping unnecessary wastes and junk.  It is highly recommended to have a professional Chicago gross filth cleaning company, who is trained to take care of the cleanup of biohazard materials.  You don’t want to clean up biohazard waste, animal waste, bodily fluids, old food or anything else that is biohazard yourself because it can be dangerous to your health.  Mastercat Team will thoroughly clean a home or business to help bring the environment back to being a safer and healthier place.   Contact Mastercat Team at (847) 456-0318 for gross cleanup services, today!