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Chicago’s Most Trusted & Skilled Crime Scene Cleanup Company is Mastercat Team.  We are a full-service crime scene cleaning and bio-hazard remediation company specializing in death cleanup, homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, blood cleanup, assault cleanup, accident cleanup, hoarding cleanup and more.

Our Death and Trauma Cleanup Services in Chicago Include:

Crime scenes or trauma scenes in the Chicago area are performed by Mastercat Team professionals who have the knowledge and experience as well as the care and compassion to handle it.  Our services are available 24 hours a day throughout the entire Greater Chicago Metropolitan area and surrounding areas.  The following are the most common types of cleanup services Mastercat Team takes care of.

Suicide Cleanup

Suicide is a big problem in this country, and it is something that family may not realize is a problem until they face their love one who committed suicide. We provide our suicide cleanup service to eliminate the unfortunate events that occurred to help to make it easier for the loved ones of the deceased.

Body Decomposition Cleanup

Without proper crime scene cleanup, the decomposition process can result in strong odors and severe health hazards from a decomposing body. Therefore, having trained cleanup professionals at the crime scene can help prevent extensive damages.

Traffic Accident Cleanup

With professional trauma scene cleanup after a traffic accident occurred will ensure that dangerous biohazards are properly removed.

Crime Scene Cleanup

With professional crime scene cleanup after a crime took place like a murder, rape or assault will ensure the scene to be properly cleaned and sanitized after law enforcement, forensics or any other personnel have completed their investigations.

Wildlife & Rodent Cleanup

Professional disinfecting and removal of animal droppings in areas affected by raccoons, birds, rats, mice or other rodents and/or insects will prevent dangerous parasites, bacteria and diseases from affecting your family’s health from exposure.

Hoarders or Extreme Clutter Cleanup

Hoarders typically have tremendous amounts of clutter, rotting food and animals with droppings building up in their homes. Situations like this are best to be removed and cleaned by experienced cleanup professionals.

Regardless of the death or trauma situation, it calls for the industry’s best cleanup professionals to take care of the cleanup and sanitization of the trauma scene, Mastercat Team is the Chicago area’s most trusted cleanup specialist and are available 24 hours a day, any day of the year.  If you have a cleanup situation, we are available to assist!  If you are unsure if what you need cleaned up is a service we provide, just call and ask us!